Finally rAce Expo

Sadly, we have to announce that the annual rAge Expo in South Africa has been canceled. Recall that this is the largest event in the country related to video games, geeks and technical culture.

The event is canceled for the first time in 18 years of its existence, which will clearly shock the teenagers of Johannesburg. As a consolation, it is reported that it was extremely difficult to make such a decision for all reasons.

Obviously, the cause was the coronavirus pandemic. The introduced restrictions are designed to reduce the risks for people in such a tense epidemiological situation. Naturally, restrictions apply to any social performances, especially if they are associated with a crowd of people in a limited space. The situation in the country remains unclear and it is impossible to predict the lifting of the lockdown at the moment.

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But the technical genius did not solve such problems, therefore, after conferring, the organizers suggested that an online organization was possible. The project leader notes that it is a great idea to open the specific gaming culture of South Africa to the whole world.

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