Exhibition in Cape Town

The Electronics Gaming Expo will be held in Cape Town, as its international organizer openly announced. For this purpose, an area has been allocated on the territory of the International Conference Center.

Tickets can be purchased for R150 on weekends and R70 on weekdays. If necessary, a pass can be purchased at the entrance.

It is worth noting that since the first news about the possible holding of the event, there have been many doubts about its likelihood at all. The fact is that many participating companies did not confirm the reserved seats on it by the time it was necessary to do so. The floor map was virtually empty until spring.

The list of companies is large, the most famous of them are: Lego, Sony Playstation. Several teams are expected to participate at once, which will demonstrate the capabilities of 3D printing, modeling and programming technologies.

and R70 on weekdays

For everyone, the exhibition will open daily at 10 am. Closing Friday at 19:00, weekends at 16:00.

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