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In the past year, the social sphere has undergone many detrimental changes, in particular, the lockdown in Cape Town led to the closure of several exhibitions at once and the cessation of companies. However, there were new representatives of the gaming market who joined the renewed movement of fans of computer games and technology.

We have created a list of events that will take place this year in the country. However, there is no certainty about several organizations, but you can’t write them off either, these are SteelCon, ComicEx and the gaming forum from Gamenation. It is assumed that the Rand Show and Rush will merge into a single event. Similar tandems have already met in the past and were successful. Note that it is better to book places for exhibitions in advance, as not all organizers sell passes and tickets at the entrance.

The organizers also want to note that changes in the composition of the list are likely throughout the year. There will likely be meetings with fans who are not included in this preliminary list.


Venue: UCT Sports Center.

This remarkable event in the world of gamers is already 8 years old. As always, there will be plenty of anime, cosplay, esports and games in the right balance.

Rand Show

Venue: Johannesburg Exhibition Center.

The Games Festival will be run by NAG, which has another annual event, Rush, to its credit. It was previously canceled due to covid restrictions, like the rest of the organizations, but now a triumphant return is expected. All fans can expect cosplay, games and gadgets, in this case, much attention is paid not only to the gaming product itself, but also to the technical component.

By the way, the teams take part in the South African WCS Championship.


Venue: Gauteng, TVS.

Prior to the covid lockdowns, this was the longest-running video game-themed event in South Africa. More development of this format and unique demonstrations are expected.

Comic-Con Cape Town

Venue: Cape Town Stadium.

several exhibitions at

The exhibition has already been held in Gauteng and was a resounding success both times. It is not surprising that the organizers want to repeat it, but on the scale of Cape Town. An international animation festival will be held nearby. This may slightly shift the vector of interest from games, which will be slightly less than usual. At the same time, an increase in interest in geeks, comics and movies is likely.

Tech Fest Expo

Venue: Soweto Theater.

Recall that earlier this team of exhibition organizers was called Ekasi Techfest & Gaming Expo, however, they decided to change the name to a more concise one. There will be a lot of information, exhibitions and tournaments are included in the subscription! By the way, the event has already managed to fall in love with the fans, because it takes place for the 4th time.


Venue: CTICC.

This is the 5th time the exhibition has come to South Africa. Traditionally, they took part in social life in May, but this year their favorite places were taken. Nevertheless, the demonstration will take place, but will the South African geeks be able to visit two major exhibitions at once in a month?

Comic books, cosplay and games are expected, as well as the visit of several world-famous comic book writers and artists.


Venue: TBC, Gauteng.

The exposition is expected in the summer, as a rule, it is at least 4 days of shows, tournaments and a huge number of demonstrations of modern computer technologies. Legends can be made about rows with technical innovations.

Icon by the sea

Venue: TBC, KwaZulu-Natal.

It is expected in July when all local gamers will be able to gather for their own little individual celebration.


Venue: TBC, Gauteng.

Most likely the fest will arrive in early autumn. This is an incredibly creative event in the world of computers, as it includes an extensive artistic component related to design, digital art, and alternative games.


Venue: TPD, Gauteng.

This is an advanced exhibition for all fans of computer technology, games and everything connected with them.

Comic con Africa

Venue: Gallagher Convention Center, Gauteng.

A place with a great atmosphere, a lot of information, new products. It’s only drawback is the exorbitant cost of food products that are offered at the exhibition site.


Venue: TBC, Eastern Cape.

This fandom, cosplay and game demonstrations will definitely be remembered for a long time. It is worth expecting a visit in the fall, not earlier than November, as it happened during the last organization.

sandton city gamers expo

Venue: Sandton City, Gauteng.

We look forward to arriving in late autumn. There is always a lot of action, game demos, demos and pranks of various kinds.


Venue: TBC, Western Cape.

The arrival is in doubt, but the fans are too tired to wait. This will be the 3rd year in a row when the organizers delight fans with their activities. However, it is not worth waiting for guests before December.

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